• Image of Issue 20: Try wholesale (5 copies)
  • Image of Issue 20: Try wholesale (5 copies)

Writer Jonathan Shipley reminisces about the time he tried to impress the judges at the Washington State Fair with his recipe for Cranberry Orange Waffles. Eden Bainter introduces us to the Portland Mercado, an incubator space that encourages entrepreneurs to share and sell their food and beverages, plus a recipe for Nicaraguan Chocolate Milk. Take the road less traveled with Anna Barratt as she looks back on the time she dropped out of college after less than a day to pursue her true passion, which includes creating mouth-watering desserts like an American Apple Tart. These recipes and more are waiting to be devoured in our 20th issue.

Favorite recipes from this issue: 
-Cranberry Orange Waffles  
-Creamy Artichoke and Kale Dip 
-Slow-Roasted Pork Ribs